What does chicken have to do with Self-talk and nice thoughts??

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Excerpt from Choices Activity News, Week of June 7, 2004

Our "Second Step" groups will reviewing anger signs and the three calming techniques to use when angry--taking three deep breaths, counting slowly backwards from 10, and thinking nice thoughts. One of our Kindergarten students blurted out, when I asked for examples of nice thoughts, "Eating chicken!" You know, I really won't argue with that--sitting on the couch in your eatin' pants, with a greasy mouth and fingers and a big ole bucket of KFC and not even caring whether or not you've got napkins. Oh yeah, where was I? Their new learning will be to use positive self thoughts in conjunction with calming techniques to allow appropriate behavior when angry.

-- Ted Donato (tdonato@toppenish.wednet.edu), June 04, 2004

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