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Seen your url searching, I have a John Deere STX 38 riding mower, had it serviced last year, said it was battery connection.

Same thing again this year, bought a new battery, it worked, worked for about 2 weeks. Now it trys to turn over, try again just grinds a little. I changed the oil, the battery connections are clean, I've taken the battery on and off 3 times today, How do I charge from a vehicle, postive to positive, negative on active vehicel, negtive ground on mower. Then start? But it will happen again after I shut it down. I noticed electrical tape around the positive cable to battery right by the metal connector, I unwraaped had exposed wire, rewraped, Last month I called John Deere dealer who said the selenoid get hots and won't start up & get replaced, but I coulnt even start today, last year they charged me 80.00 for problem not fixed at local dealer, last resort will be to call the JD dealer 60 mi. away. How can I fix this. Ready to take an axe to the mower, any help appreciated. tku nik

-- Nikeeta Refosco (, June 19, 2004

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