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Here's my problem: 1st marriage to a non-Catholic (I was also non-Catholic) before a "mail order" minister. We divorced and I remarried for the 2nd marriage. After I remarried, husband number 1 annulled our marriage, converted to Catholicism and remarried. Husband number 2 for me was a non-practicing Catholic...we were strongly discouraged from marrying by the Catholic church and were not married in the church but by a protestant minister. Husband number 2 and I divorced. I married husband number 3 who was an unbaptised self-avowed athiest. He and I divorced. I am converting to Catholicism and want to remarry. Which of the 3 previous marriages get annuled? I've been told by some only the last and have already started the process. Please help...I can't seem to get a straight answer. Thank you.

-- Martha (, June 23, 2004


If your first husband already received an annulment from the Catholic Church, then you do not have to "redo" it. The Church has declared that marriage null. That affects both you and your former partner, regardless of who sought the annulment. You would have to seek annulment for both of the other marriages. From your brief description, it sounds as though you have valid grounds in both cases, but it still has to be done through proper channels.

-- Paul M. (, June 23, 2004.

Been there, and done that!

It's worth it, hang in there, and DON'T get married again until you're good-to-go!

God Bless,


-- Gail (, June 24, 2004.


Paul's answer above is basicly correct. Your first "marriage" has already been declared null. Marriage number two will be a rather simple "lack of form" case. You'll need proof of your ex's baptism as a Catholic, a copy of your marriage license and a copy of the final divorce decree. The third marriage will be a "full-blown" annullment case. You don't mention what the possible grounds are so I can't comment on that but you will need to go through the process for both.

Hope that's helpful

-- Fr. Mike Skrocki, JCD (cand) (, June 25, 2004.

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