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I'm a young naïve woman, feeling very ashamed & guilty that I allowed myself to be influenced into believing Islam was better. I did not convert even though I did flirt with the idea. The irony is I am from a fairly committed Catholic family. I read the following clipit from the international newspaper The Financial Times, Wedensday May 19 2004 on the sad events of Islamic terrorism and current beheadings of Christians going on in the Middle East.

I'm trying to reconcile myself inside.I pray for forgiveness but feel I have commit the ultimate sin of forsaking Christ and the Holy Spirit. I don't feel I should attend mass even though I do go. I went to confession but felt dirty when I confessed to turning my back & life on Christ. I continue to read my Bible, both books and I can't find anywhere where Christ declared this kind of hatred for man, nor could I find it anywhere in the old books by the previous prophets. Anyway please read this interesting historical article. If only I knew of this sinister script sooner my heart would be more peaceful.

“The West's barbarity is Islam's law”

...beheading in Islam has stood since the Prophet ordered 600 to 900 men from the defeated Jewish tribe the Qurayza to be taken to Medina's market place.

There, they were beheaded, their corpses being thrown into pits as Prophet Muhammad looked on.

The woman & children were sold into slavery. The Jews possessions (and weapons) were appropriated to fund new attacks.

During the “golden age” of the Abbasid-Baghdadian Caliphate, the jurist al-Mawardi (who died in 1058) declared, regarding infidel captives of jihad campaigns, that there were four choices:

“The first to put them to death by cutting there necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and forth, to show favour to them and pardon them.”

“Allah says, when you encounter those that deny Islam, strike [their] necks” Quran, sura 47, verse 4.

And these are the rules of law cited in the four schools of Islamic classical jusiprudence, obtaining everywhere in Islam today wherever they can be enforced...

-- Josephine (, June 24, 2004


Thanks for sharing Josephine. Very interesting.

-- roger (, June 25, 2004.

I have commit the ultimate sin of forsaking Christ and the Holy Spirit.

pray for forgiveness, seek a confession and do your penance. you were tempted and were saved by something which brought you back (maybe guardian angels DO exist) so do not waste it by falling away in self pity. dust yourself off and get back up, you're okay.

-- paul h (, June 25, 2004.

he who has no sin cast the first stone

-- MJPTHOC (, June 26, 2004.


"Do not judge, lest ye be judged"

This applies to yourself too. You have no right to judge yourself.

To help you get over any guilt you may feel, read the parable of the prodigal son.



-- Hugh (, July 02, 2004.

I also forgot to mention:

In the Old Testament, King David killed the giant Goliath, then cut off his head. In the apocryphal book of Judith, the heroine slices off the head of the Assyrian general Holofernes as he lies drunk in his tent.

-- Josephine (, July 24, 2004.

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