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I have a lovely print from the 'Gazette du Bon Ton' #3, Mars 1914,Pl.28 titled "Salome"(Robe du soir de Paul Poiret).It depicts a woman posing in a dress,clearly in the Art Deco style.I wondered if anyone knows anything about this artist? I can't seem to find any information about him online. Thank you very much. Best regards,Brad Scharf

-- Bradford N. Scharf (, June 24, 2004


Bradford,Hi well I found info for you. But, just to help you a bit, normally I charge for my finder services. I am providing info to a few here now for free!! Know that any more would entail a reasonable fee, if you decide to want more.

Hope this bit helps you, best of luck

rained at the House of Worth and Doucet and set up on his own in 1903. He made straight tube like sheath dresses in 1908. The styles were known as Directoire as they were similar to fashions of the early 1800s. The columnar style he introduced meant that women had to abandon their S-bend corsets and wear a longer straighter corset that almost reached the knees to achieve his early look. Later he encouraged women to free themselves from corsetry and adopt the bra.

-- J. McG (, February 15, 2005.

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