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I just moved to Washington from Belgium, but unfortunately some things got broken during the transport. I have a life size stone statue of a tiger with a pad that broke off. I have two Mexican stone masks, one is in about 10 pieces and the other one has two pieces broken off. I also have a metal chandelier that has been crushed and with one arm broken off, but I don't think that one can still be repaired. The insurance company will cover the damage, but I have to find a company that can do the actual repair. I can send pictures if you send me a mail. Thanks for your help or any info you can give me.

Kind regards, Dirk.

-- Dirk (, June 24, 2004


Hi Dirk,

Are you in Washington State or Washington D.C.? I am in Seattle, WA and am a restorer. If you are in this area, please let me know and if you still need someone to do the restoration work for you, I would be glad to meet with you and give you an estimate.

You can visit my web site,, to view some photos of some of my work. Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon.


-- Victoria Redhed Miller (, July 17, 2004.

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