what is two factor learning theory by orval hobart mowrer?

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i would like you to help me about the information regarding the two factor learning theory by orval hobart mowrer. pls. tell me all about that theory. thank you...

-- dennis pacres (wyclef_denz@yahoo.com), July 01, 2004


Do a Yahoo! search for '"two factor" mowrer' and you will get a number of useful sites, among them: http://www.dc.peachnet.edu/~bbrown/psyc1501/disorders/mowrer.htm

-- Christopher Green (christo@yorku.ca), July 02, 2004.

We can't do your homework for you, but you can read about it in Mowrer's Learning Theory and Behavior (John Wiley, 1960). No doubt you can also find summaries in texts on learning theory and/or articles in an encyclopedia of psychology.

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (hendrika@cox.net), July 02, 2004.

Hi Dennis, I do not want to do too much of your work for you, but I will offer some questions you might want to consider. Even if Mowrer's two-part learning theory explains part of the development of many new fears,is it sufficient to explain all of the known complexities of fear development? For example, does it take into account that some assumed "neutral stimuli" may not be completely neutral, but rather tap into prepared neural curcuits? Does it take into account when there are cultural beliefs and attitudes toward object that is later feared? Does it take into account cognitive factors like the amount of rumination about the feared object? Does it take into account that some people seem to be born with a hypersensitive emotional system or become hypersensitive when they develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? Does it take into account why some fears are so extremely difficult to get rid of? I hope this helps. Paul

-- Paul Kleinginna (pkleinginna@georgiasouthern.edu), July 04, 2004.

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