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hi all, 3 years ago i found out my son was partially sighted and suffers from nystagmus and congenital night blindness i also discovered that there was no one to talk to about it,after speaking to others online i find that many of you felt the same suffering alone with no one to turn to,so i have started my own site, its free to join and i am recieving no money for it, i am doing this is the hope that people who feel alone will get some support,we have only a few members but that will change with your help, the is a free family matching service, i am hoping that if you have someone in you family disabled or feeling alone or would like to give some support to someone else, please visit and leave a few details and i will check any other members and see if i can connect the 2 of you, so you can offer support and strength to each other. please visit at

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2004

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