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I've just received an email which is typical of the many complaints I receive about our beloved forum. I thought it might help if I shared it with all of you:

"Hello, I have been lurking your website, and find that in general the responses are very helpful, and true to Catholicism, and great for some questions I have had. On the other hand, there are some Catholic posters who are not only strident in their tone, and rude to others, but downright disrespectful.

I would like to chime in and tell them to have some respect for others, but I won't post because I don't want SPAM coming in, which it will likely do after posting! I'm obviously not a theologin (sp?) like some of your posters. But just because they are well-versed in catholicism, doesn't mean they are nice people necessarily. Most of the postings like this are to obvious non-catholics who make statements that go against Catholicism but obviously the posters have some strong beliefs, or else, why would they bother to post? Because they are trying to convert Catholics -- to fundamentalism it would seem. This WOULD be an excellent forum for conversion of these people to Catholicism, but it will never happen. Why? because they are verbally booted out, insulted, belittled, then told they are being prayed for so that they convert. Yeah, that'll happen after that kind of treatment. If non-Catholics are not allowed to post they should be told so and ignored, not spat upon. Do you agree? If they are allowed to post, then lets show them respect and love by doing all we can to show them that the Catholic church is the only place to be! Sorry for the rant, but a suggestion might be to have various categories or links available that you point them to that answer all of the "usual arguments". Easy, and polite."

- "From a Concerned Christian"


-- Ed (catholic4444@yahoo.ca), July 08, 2004


If Christians could only realize the tremendous effect their words and actions have on others, particularly and especially, here in this forum.


-- Ed (catholic4444@yahoo.ca), July 08, 2004.

Thanks for posting that Ed. I have to say I agree with the sentiments expressed but it does work both ways in that we non-catholics must respect the views of the Catholics - its your site after all.

I guess the problem is that both sides believe they hold the truth and that truth is not relative. We all argue for our corner. I have found through perseverence that most people here are respectful and generous it just takes time to get through the defensive exterior.

I want to learn about the beliefs held by Catholics and possibly share what I believe BUT I am a guest here and so I try to play by the rules. Sadly there are people out there who just hate Catholics and hijack this place for their own agenda. That cannot and should not be tolerated. Also there are some Catholics here who assume every protestant who asks a question is just a Catholic hater in disguise and their answers reflect this.

As an Anglican I have grown up with a suspician of Catholicism - thats just the way it is. As an adult with a modicum of intelligence I have the choice to put that aside and learn what Catholics are really all about. I don't have to accept the legacy of Anglican thought. I am a Christian, first and foremost, and when I look at many of the Catholics here I see a commonality among the differences. Not all our beliefs are different - our history was shared until fairly recently and thats what I want to learn about.

I used to think Martin Luther was a bit of a hero having only learnt a one sided view but I have to rethink that in the light of other threads. Thats what this place is to me - a place to find the missing bits of the story so I can make a reasoned opinion and not just accept a distoted or incomplete view.

So thanks again to all of you who show me respect by answering my questions without hystrionics, aggressiveness or incredulity at my lack of Catholic learning!!!

-- Sharon (sharon.guy@ntu.ac.uk), July 08, 2004.

Ed, Knock it off!! Everyone has been behaving in forum as good as they ever have. What is it you want from this forum? If someone is afraid to even post in forum then maybe this isn't the right forum for them?

If they are worried about spam they can get a hotmail address or put ["] before there e-mail address.

Concerned Christian said" It will never happen.."(about converting Christians)

This person is wrong again. I have seen it happen many times in this forum.

Everything is going well Ed, don't try fix something if it isn't broke. Stop complaining.

-- - (David@excite.com), July 08, 2004.


I agree with what you are saying. I wish that everyone on this forum would act a bit better, including myself.

For many of us it is had not to get a little passionate about these topics and try to defend against attacks. With these verbal attacks that we get from anti-Catholics it would be nice for us in the forum to turn the other cheek every once in a while. I think that will destroy their arguments more than fighting with them. However, this does not mean that we are not allowed to fight back. It is a must sometimes.

Thanks again Ed.

-- Scott (papasquat10@hotmail.com), July 08, 2004.

ed, i'm afraid i must agree with david on this one.

as the saying goes, sometimes it is better to have an imperfect good, than to waste it looking for a non existant purity. as long as non-catholics are allowed to post on this board, there will be controversy. as long as there is controversy, SOMEBODY is going to feel offended, even if it is merely by the fact that somebody is disagreeing with them.

concerned christian brings up how catholics need to be charitable, but fails to recognize the fact that non-catholics need to do so as well. for example, Mr. Paul Wilson and zarove, along with several other protestants here, have my deepest respect because they are polite and well behaved here as guests. people like our long lost janie and faith hold no regard in my mind and i would reject them a hundred times again for the damage they caused to the forum with their incessant violations of decorum and rules. as i have said before, and i repeat, THIS IS NOT A BOARD FOR NON CATHOLICS, although they are welcome as guests to learn and peaceably discuss.

as to non christian behavior, i would remind concerned christian that even Christ took up a staff and chased away those who were mocking the house of His Father... if others come here to tear down our beliefs, i will defend my faith, with the staff if need be, or with the firmness that Christ had in His perfect word. while Christ was compassionate, He never once put up with any B.S. from people when He didnt want to. I see no reason to comprimise with a belief i do not hold paramount to my own, or to comprimise with those who seek to tear down that belief.

-- paul h (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), July 08, 2004.

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