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Hi, My husband and I bought our first house last August, and went through the winter using central heat and air. We are way out in the country and recently bought a small wood stove for "just in case". The house is an old cabin built in the 30's and it seems that the flue and chimney haven't been used in a long time. I called a professional to see about getting everything ready to set up the stove (cleaning the flue, installing liner, etc). Unfortunately, we cant afford the $1300.00 his secretary said he would charge to do the job. I called Lowes and the have everything we need to do the job ourselves for under $300.00, we just want to know how safe it is to do this. What sort of safety precautions do we need to take? My dad suggested that we could even just buy the stovepipe and vent staight up through the roof and forget about the old chimney and flue comletely. I'd like to use the flue though if it is safe to do so. Does anyone have suggestions?

-- hannah maxwell (, July 08, 2004


Hannah! I wouldn't vent it thru the roof. Use what you have with some additions. Assumin the bricks are tight--you can get the flue liner at Lowes I"m sure. See if any old timers are in your area that you can ask for advice. Lowes also have knowledgable folks workin there to ask. Not too hard a job-just be careful and do it correctly. You should have no problems. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhoot (, July 08, 2004.

Forget the old flue. Go with new triple wall stainless steel chimmey pipe. Follow the mfg instructions for going thru the roof, with the proper roof spacer/flue flange. You maybe able to go thru the wall and run the flue up the outside wall. We have a Buck Stove model 21 and have used it four years. We can heat our 1600 sq ft two story home with it, keeping it at 74 degrees when it's zero outside. Went 9 days without elec power and never was cold. Cut your wood now for use this winter. Good luck and warm winters.


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