Spectra image manipulation

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Got a lot of questions so please bear with me. I just made some enlargements, of digital scans of images I made many years ago, on "manipulated" spectra film by rubbing he photo while developing with a blunt object, Prety much like the ones done on SX-70 film. I lke to create new images with that technique so I tried again with some Spectra film I got at eBay, all I can fo is scratch the surface plus the colors look incredibly dull. Has the Spectra film been changed in some way it can no longer be manipulated or did I get some bad film? Should I get an SX-7- camera instead and can this type of manipulation be done on 600 type of film like the one used in the polaroid 680 cmera?

-- Franklin Miranda (islabonita@prtc.net), July 08, 2004


I don't know if you'll read this. Your post is a few months old. But I have seen some manipulations done with 600 platinum film. Here is a link to a 600 manipulation (scroll down past the sx 70 manipulations). The one here looks pretty good.

users.frii.com/uliasz/photoart/ polaroid/t_gallery/joan.htm

-- Jeremy Brown (brownjeans@iwon.com), February 15, 2005.

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