Hidral food lift wont stop at middle floor

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I have on site a 3 floor hydraulic hidral food lift, it will take a call for level 1 and three ok, put a call in the 2 and it goes to 3. Sounds simple at first BUT each push has a dil switch to programme floor, ie floor 1 switch 1 on, floor 2 switch 2 on etc. ive put the middle floor swich to 3 instead of 2 and it stops ok so the floor magnet sensor is ok, revert back to 2 and it misses this floor and goes to 3 any one got any ideas, it may be a fault on the dil switch array on that floor i have'nt had time to check yet.

-- Andy (dxing70cms@aol.com), July 18, 2004


still looking for a reply if possible

-- andy (dxing70cms@aol.com), August 10, 2004.

it is the DIP switch settings at the floors that causes this problem

-- warren darley (lifts@elex.com.au), October 12, 2004.

Hi Mr.Andy

Its a simple problem of setting a dip switch. The following are the dip switch setting in each landing Landing1 : dip switch 1 alone ON Landing2 : dip Switch 2 alone ON Landing3 : dip Switch 3 alone ON

In the main controller box you will find the same type of dip switch in the bottom right corner.As you have only 3 stops to serve switch ON only the Dip switch 3 the other switches should be in OFF condition. Then your problem will get solved.

Please give feed back on solving this problem. Regards SSK

-- S.Sivakumar (ssivakumar@sesmt.com), December 12, 2004.

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