Polaroid HR 6000 Digital Palette NEED DRIVER!!!!

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Greetings all!

I've been blessed with an old Polaroid HR 6000 Digital Palette with the pack film adapter. It's fantabulous, because (theoretically) I can print onto 669 film straight from photoshop. However, Polaroid stopped supporting this puppy in the late 90's, and I cannot find a driver.

I have searched the net for days to no avail. Polaroid (corporate) was no help.

If anyone knows where I can get the driver (Palette for Macintosh, a chooser-level printer driver for all Macintosh computers) please please please help me! Any leads will be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

-- Victoria Cail (cailphoto@cox.net), July 18, 2004


Try this website: http://www.computergraphicsgroup.com/filmrecs/polaroid.htm Good Luck!

-- Robert Rosenstein (rosenstein@adelphia.net), July 24, 2004.

Thanks so much for the link Robert, but it's not quite what I am looking for....

I need the original "Palette for Macintosh" chooser level driver. The site you suggest only sells (for a price) a software package (Raster Plus) that replaced the free original driver with more robust functions. If anyone out there knows how I can find this driver I will be so incredibly grateful.

Thanks again,


-- Victoria Cail (cailphoto@cox.net), July 27, 2004.

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