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We own a small art deco building (built in 1937) LOCATED IN MALATE, MANILA, PHILIPPINES. As a residential aparatment building, we would like design ideas for the FLOORING of interior common areas (like the stairwell and small elevator landing on each of 7 floors, FLOORING for the small entrance lobby, and DOOR designs for the entrance to each apartment, and to the lobby.

We want designs and materials that will blend with the original exterior design of the building which has been presersved. My email address is: or

-- Lilia S. Coromina (, July 26, 2004


This will be difficult. Very commonly the stairwells and halls of art deco buildings were

- made of composition marble / terrazo finish (which I assume does not apply here. If it does, repairs are difficult and a specialist is needed.) - or covered in ruboleum or linoleum. Ruboleum was a more pliable form of lineoleum. Very hard to find anything like that now, but a lightly flecked / grey spotted vinyl might just pass as a substitute.

- in cheaper buildings or on the back stairs, floor paint, often grey or red in tone, was popular.

You will still see this finish on old cinema staircases, for example and you could do this treatment fairly easily.

Coir matting was also popular, often just a strip (and very suitable for the Philipines?)

Doors , if wood, might be painted in a contrasting, flat deco colour or if money is available polished aluminium.

Good Luck with the Project

Art Deco Ireland

-- Art Deco Ireland (, July 30, 2004.

we require models for main door, flooring & windows

-- ravi kumar (, November 16, 2004.

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