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Does anyone know if Skinner aircribs are being made now? or alternatively of detailed instructions on how to make one? thanks Rachel

-- Rachel Anderson (, July 27, 2004


I seriously doubt air cribs are available and probably never were at all. But I am not an expert on Skinner. You will find more info online or in a biography. Detailed instructions probably won't be available. (And don't build one for your baby

-- John Zimny (, July 27, 2004.


There is a photo of an air crib at the site for the Archives of the History of American Psychology at code_id=6&app_id=306

AHAP may have other detailed information on the air cribs as well. I think you may find some illustrations in Alexandra Rutherford's paper, details of which are posted at

-- Hendrika Vande Kemp (, July 28, 2004.

Hi Rachel, I recently saw one in Akron Ohio at the APA archives. There isn't a lot to it. And I think you could come across the design. But if you wanted to make one the advances in technology have surely made the electronics obsolete. As a metter of fact the one I saw was kind of crudely made. It is basically a box about the size of a crib about hip high so you don't have to bend over. Instead of crib rails on the front, there is a sheet of plexiglass to restrain and protect the baby. And if you know any thing about the history of crip rails this alone was surely an improvement. Best, David

-- david clark (, August 03, 2004.

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