Would the chihuahua lady contact me again?

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I am an idiot and I consisntly lose things and I have another question.

Oh, heck, I'll put it out here...

I'm Marty Stoetzle and I live in a very small town in west-central Missouri. I have a 6 yr. old chihuahua. Here's what has me bumfuzzled: she seems to know what I am thinking. I'm not kidding here.

I may be on the wrong forum. As I stated previously; I am an idiot. I guess what I want to know, or atempt to understand, is ....well heck...Does this dog feel my feelings? (Oh, my god. This is embarresing) Marty Stoetzle, martys@iland.net

-- Zen Clown (martys@iland.net), August 06, 2004

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