I have several questions that I cannot find answers for. My friend and I want to work next year at WEFEST. We want to "upgrade" to VIP seating/reserved. Can we do that? What is the procedure? How much would we have to pay for the upgrade? We want to do this as soon as possible to acquire the best seating available. How can we do that if we don't know if we'll get called to work or not? How soon can we put in our application for next year? We have never worked but we have friends that have although they have not upgraded. We are over 50 miles one way. I do know that we will be getting a designated camping area and that will be tied in with our ticket. Would that also apply on upgraded tickets? Pleas respond at your convenience and please supply me with any additional information regarding the above questions. Thank you.


-- Angela Christy (, August 10, 2004


Hi Angie,

The short answer is "Nope." We have specific areas where employees who live more than 50 miles from Detroit Lakes can camp for free, and the concert pass/wristband each employees receives gets them in and out of the General Admission area. If people who are working want to be assured of staying in a specific campground, or want to see the shows from the box or reserved seat areas, they need to purchase those camping passes and tickets at the regular price.

-- Bill (, August 15, 2004.

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