8x10 Polaroid equipment for sale

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I have these 8x10 items for sale (all are used but in excellent condition):

8x10 Polaroid adapter (base) for Daylab II (NEW $149.95) asking $100 OBO

8x10 Polaroid film holder, Model 81-06, for use in the above adapter (NEW $184.99) asking $100 OBO

8x10 Polaroid Loading Tray for the Polaroid 8X10 Land Processor w/ power cord (NEW $129.99) asking $75 OBO

8X10 Polaroid Land film processor model 81-12 (NEW $849.99) asking $250 OBO

Please email me with any questions. If interested, I can let you know shipping based on destination. I can also give you any help getting it set up, etc.????

Thank you! Leslie Parker

-- Leslie Parker (lparker@bendnet.com), August 15, 2004

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