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One of 32 granite panels

The Westford (Mass.) Historic Society is trying to locate a frieze of 32 granite panels created around 1930 by the Fletcher Granite Company. See more panel photos at

If you recognize the panels or know their current location, please respond here.

-- Marilyn Day (, August 17, 2004


Not sure about 32 panels, but there are 6 of them on the North Office Building on the Capitol campus in Harrisburg, PA. The building was built in 1927, and three panels each are over the N and E entrances. There are two types of steam shovel, a caterpillar tractor, the steamroller, the laborers, and the surveyors. Perhaps they made sets? The bronze outer doors of this building also feature 6 scenes of roadbuilding, so this may have been the highway administration building. I don't see any in the photos that aren't on the building. I'd be interested to knopw if others are floating around somewhere. Anyhow, they're in great shape. I got good photos of all of them today (11/28/04).

-- Seth Gaines (, November 28, 2004.


I do not know about granite panels, but I can tell you this, my dad and grandfather set the stone on the North Office building. He set those panels. He and my grandfather were stonemasons. I have a list of my father's job sites; I am searching for photos of the buildings. this one came up in my search on Google for North Office building, Harrisburg.

The photos will be a great addition to my father's book I am putting together of his jobs. When I get my book returned to me, I will see if he has any correspondence about this job. I do know he and my grandfather were working here when they got news in Dec that my grandmother was ill. They lived in Hanover; they drove home that day to find she had died before they arrived. I was 6 mos old at that time. My father's name was Francis X. Kuhn, Jr. My Dad may have set stone on other Fletcher Co. jobs. I will check his list. My grandfather was Francis X. Kuhn, Sr. He was a stone contractor Sin Hanover, PA. They both set stone for the Supreme Court building in 1933.

I live in Mechancisburg, PA-- a town across the river from Harrisburg. Sometime soon I will go and look at these panels. I can not belive my good fortunetoday to find this website!

Lois K. Lewis

-- Lois Kuhn Lewis (, January 06, 2005.

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