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I am working on IBM UDB DB2 V7.1 on Linux.

I had create 2 Database in DB2. Database Name : 1) BILL 2) WEB (two different database).

Now I want to upgrade my default buffer pool size for both the database. I am not too sure if default buffer pool has already set or not. (Even I don't know how to check if default buffer is active or not). But still I want to upgrade my default buffer pool size 4KB to as per your suggestion for both database.

My Machines have Physical Ram is 640 MB. How much buffer pool memory can allocate to each database.

My Both database are frequently used. Many query has to be coming from web application.

Is there any way to resize my buffer.

Please give me the proper command to increase buffer pool from my default buffer pool and how would know if my buffer pool is active or not. (I am not familiar with Create and Alter Command). So please guide me which command is use for increase buffer pool

Please help me as it is very urgent needed.

Thanks in Advance.


-- mike wagner (, August 18, 2004

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