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Hello, I would appreciate your assistance in locating recourses for Art Deco residential house plans. I havenít had much luck with the major blueprint websites and most home images I find on-line are without plans. Can you recommend any books or websites that could help me? I have a narrow riverfront lot in Florida that I will be building on in the next two years and I love deco! I would be grateful for any help you could offer me. Many thanks, George

-- George Syrigos (, September 06, 2004


George, I'm looking for the same thing, sorry I don't have any answers for you, but I'm hoping that someone can direct us both to a good site. We are actually looking at building our home out of steel instead of wood, but would like to look at some good blueprints that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Good luck to you and if I come across anything I'll certainley send it your way.

-- Kim Taylor (, December 13, 2004.

I might have an answer, well at least I did untill I lost the catalog. But you might want to try a Sears catalog from the 1930's They used to sell house plans and gave a good description with a floor plan. They were not much maybe 2-3 bedroom. Hope this helps.

-- Jim Motta (, December 24, 2004.

Hi there folks maybe i could help you with your blueprint needs.Im a journeyman carpenter in canada and am recently taking auto-cad (computer aided design and drafting).Im quite knowledgable making custom blueprints using auto-cad 2005 and architectural desktop.Feel free to contact me via email.

-- Owen Lingel (, February 17, 2005.

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