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On September 12, we members of the Catholic Church family honor the Holy Name of Mary.
We also honor, in a special way, the following friends of God, “saints” and “blesseds” whose souls are now in heaven:

St. Ailbhe of Emly (Irish, missionary bishop, 5th or 6th century)
St. Autonomus of Bithynia (Italian, bishop in Asia Minor [modern Turkey], martyred c. 300)
St. Curonotus of Iconium (Lycaonian [from part of what is now Turkey], bishop, martyred c. 258)
St. Eanswida of Folkestone (British, Benedictine abbess of first convent in Britain, c. 640)
Bl. Francis of St. Bonaventure of Musashi, Bl. Peter Paul of St. Claire of Saigo, and Bl. Mancius of St. Thomas (Japanese, catechists, martyred by burning at Omura in 1622 [beatified 1867])
St. Guy of Anderlecht (Belgian, peasant, lay sacristan, died at about age 62 in 1012)
Sts. Hieronides, Leontius, Serapion, Seleucus, Valerian, Straton, and companions, of Alexandria (Egyptian, deacon and others, martyred by drowning c. 300)
Bl. John Juvenal Ancina of Fossano [Giovanni Giovenale] (Italian, professor of medicine, Oratorian with St. Philip Neri, bishop of Saluzzo, martyred by poison at about age 59 in 1604 [beatified 1869])
Sts. Macedonius, Theodulus, and Tatian, of Mevos (Phrygian [from part of what is now Turkey], destroyed pagan idols, martyred [roasted on gridirons] in 362)
Bl. Mary Victoria Strata of Genoa [Maria Vittoria] [nee Fornari] (Italian, mother of six, widow at age 25, foundress and superior of the "Blue Nuns," died at about age 55 in 1617 [beatified 1828])
Bl. Miro of Vich (Spanish, Augustinian friar, d. 1161)
St. Sacerdos of Lyons (French, bishop, d. 551)
Bl. Sigmund Sajna of Zurawlowka [Zygmunt] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Palmiry [Poland] at age 43 in 1940 [beatified 1999])
St. Silvinus of Verona (Italian, bishop, c. 550)
Bl. Thomas Zumárraga of Vitoria [Tomás] (Spanish, Dominican missionary priest in Japan, martyred by burning at Omura in 1622 [beatified 1867])

If you have anything to share about these holy people, please reply now -- biographical episodes, prayers through their intercession, the fact that one is your patron -- whatever moves you. If you are interested in one of these saints or blesseds and want to find out more about him/her, please ask. Additional information is sometimes available on the Internet.

All you holy men and women, saints of God, pray for us.
God bless you.

-- J. F. Gecik (", September 11, 2004


[Note: I am copying the following two (indented) messages from the old, obsolete "saints" thread for this day of the year, so that the old thread can later be deleted. JFG]

John: You have added, very opportunely, the Holy Name of Mary to the list of celebrations for today. That name has a special meaning to me. I was taught in my school days by the Marist Fathers and I've always been very grateful to them for the very good Christian formation they gave me. Thanks again, John.


-- Enrique Ortiz -- September 12, 2003.

You are most welcome, Enrique.
I too am "very grateful to" the Marist Fathers "for the very good Christian formation they gave" you.

-- J. F. Gecik -- September 12, 2003.

-- (", September 11, 2004.

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