hello, I need help for DB2

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Hi, I have a question. When DSNDB01.SPT01 have almost 50000 and in DB2's log is message: DSNPXTN0 - REQUIRED USER-DEFINED DATA SET NOT AVAILABLE- DSNDB01.SPT01.I0001.A002. RC=00D70002 and SPT01 is after reorg, realocation and there are only usable and indispensable programs, can I define for DB2 catalog second VSAM DSNDB01.SPT01.I001.A002 ??? Because I apply many different methods to remove this problem, but this problem non stop came back :( Thanks for help :)

-- genfil (genfil@poczta.onet.pl), September 16, 2004


Hi. I think - go for it! I don't have any experience with problem like this, but Your idea seems to be a very good one. May be You should try first to define 2nd. cluster on some development installation and if You will not see anything wrong, just do this on Your production system. I wish You luck :)

-- Krzysztof Ostrowski (ibmuser@op.pl), September 16, 2004.

Thakns :)) I did that and you know?? its working !! :D

żonka mouse :)

-- genfil (genfil@poczta.onet.pl), September 16, 2004.

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