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Hello. I was wondering if you could give me some resources for William Glasser's Reality Theory? I'm doing a presentation for a graduate study course on this specific theory and need to get in touch with a few good resources. Any ideas???

Thank you,


-- Jodie Faltynski (, September 22, 2004


The term Dr. Glasser used for his therapy was "Reality Therapy" and this has been in use since he published the book "Reality Therapy" in the early 1960's. Later he found that William Powers' "Control Theory", a new and exciting form of psychology, explained why his therapy worked so well. Later he modified and simplified the theory so much that he felt it was no longer recognisable so he started calling the modified theory "Choice Theory". If you look at the answer to the last question on this website you will be able to follow it back and get a reasonable insight into the theory. The article 'Cory with Cathy' on the main WGI website also contains quite an amount of information.

-- ken lyons (, September 23, 2004.

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