Original Hoffman's Cafeteria (Miami,Fla.)

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My father was the owner of the "Original Hoffman's Cafeteria" in Miami Beach , Fla. circa 1940.I think it was designed by Henry Hohauser. I would be grateful for any information you might have re. the external and internal design, as my adult grandchildren are eager to learn more about the restaurant and the subsequent alterations. Thank you in advance.

-- Beverly Franklin (bevandbill@comcast.net), September 26, 2004



Indeed, this structure is a Henry Hohauser masterpiece from 1940. It opened as Hoffman's Cafeteria, now called Jerry's Deli and is in wonderful condition. It just so happens that the section from my book about Jerry's is used as sample pages (photos & all) on my web site www.domanipress.com (click on Featured Book and then "View Sample Pages").

--Rich Beaubien

-- Richard Beaubien (RichBeau@domanipress.com), October 02, 2004.

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