Cerebral Palsy Question??

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I'm 25 and I have mild CP. My CP mainly affects my speach. My muscles only give me problems when I don't bother to exercise. (I've got a 15mth old son. No time for such luxuries as exercise, right!?!) I broke my foot a few weeks ago just walking on it. I wasn't doing anything strenuous (sp?). I was just walking normally and it snapped. When I went to have a check up, the doctor said that it was because of my CP that my bones were weak. I have never heard of this before and thought that CP affected muscles, not bones. Has anybody else had simular problems? I also asked if I should take extra calcium. He said not to because I was still young. I wouldn't need them till I was in my 40's to 50's. That didn't make sense either because surely if my bones are weak then I am lacking calcium, right??? I have made an appointment to talk to my GP about it but I was wondering if any others with CP had this problem?

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2004


I have cp and to my knowledge bones are not affected. Sadley many GP's don't really know what their talking about when it comes down to spesific impairements. Have you tried contacting the Scope helpline or looking on their website www.scope.org.uk. I believe they have a number of factsheets to download re cp.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2004

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