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I know you can use 600 film in a SX-70 by altering the pack and correct the exposure by placing a .6 neutral density filter over the lense. Where can I find a filter that the size works well or I could easily cut?

-- kw (, September 29, 2004


I ordered the density filter from a camera store - it took a while to get the right one - as the number filter I was given was not available, but we got one that was close. It comes in a rather larger sheet - 22 inches x 18 inches or some such size. It cuts very easily and you will have enough to use on many, many, many 600 series came

-- ljc (, October 04, 2004.

I just reread your message - are you are using the density filter so that you can use sx-70 in a 600 camera...or 600 film in a sx-70 camera? If you are doing manipulations you want to be able to use the sx-70 film. If you have an sx-70 camera, you don't need the filter. The filter is needed so you can adapt a 600 cam

-- ljc (, October 04, 2004.

Contact Rosco for a free Filter Pack Sample. There are filters in the pack for altering the exposure of Polaroid 600 series cameras. Plus many more for special effects using slide printers.

Good luck and have fun!

-- Jon (, November 18, 2004.

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