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I am a recent graduate now intern looking to gain training and more understanding on the applications of CT/RT. I have read glasser's book on Choice Theory and I have tried to apply some of its principals as a Therapist Intern, but while the theory is straight forward and easy to understand, its much more difficult to implement. Thus, my hope. I plan in the near future to go to the Glasser Institute and enroll in the certification trainging program to become a certified Reality Therapist, but I would also very much like to find someone in the San Diego area who is versed in RT who might be interested imparting some of their wisdom and experience to a would-be therapist, maybe even consider me as a mentee.


John Carswell

-- John Carswell (, October 07, 2004


See Suzy Hallock Bannigan's answer to Tom Cheney's question on this webpage -2003-04-05

-- ken lyons (, October 07, 2004.

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