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i just found a set of art deco furniture.......bat wing dresser....lime green legs with glass over the rest of drawer is beveled....paper label on back with style no-etc.....also a trash can......2 4 door chests....all glass....and a table with is absolutley killer gorgeous and the only thing i have found out is that the radios that were made with the glass over them from this period are highly collectible and they also said that furniture made of mirrors is also extremely rare and sought after...i have looked for 2 days on the internet and have YET to find anything like this any of you know anything about this and know how i can go about trying to find a buyer for it...thanks much...bob

-- bob botsford (, October 09, 2004


no answer but would love to see any pictures

-- maureen casey (, October 22, 2004.

I own a gallery of art deco furniture. Would appreciate seeing a picdture of the dressers as I might be interested in buying them. Also please advise of your asking price.

thank you.

Christiane Levand

-- Christiane Levand (, October 23, 2004.

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