Lots of camera's and misc for sale.

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I have just acquired a bunch of cameras and equipment. I dont collect but couldnt resist the deal. If you are interested in all or part of this list just email me and we can discuss the specifics.

1. Brownie No2a Premo Model B 2. Brownie No3 Model B 3. Blair No2 Weno? Wood interior 4. Ansco Pioneer takes PD16 film 5. Herco Imperial (plastic) 6. Brownie No2 Model D 7. Kodak Six-20 Brownie Jr. 8. Kodak Six-16 Brownie Jr. 9. Ansco box camera...cant find ID 10. Kodak No2a folding brownie 11. Kodak No 1 Pocket Brownie 12. Kodak No2 Pocket Brownie Autographic 13. Jubilar- Germany. Voigkander, voigtar1:9 Vagtlander Braunschweig 14. Kodak 1A Autographic #14579 15. Kodak #3, Folding Hawkeye Model 7 16. Erecto: Thorton Pickard, Marvel 17. Kodak FPK Automatic No.3 with case # 105353-A 18. Brownie Flash Outfit No 177K with carton and equipment. Near mint. 19. Kodak Duaflex IV with Kodet Lens. With Leather Case. Very nice. 20. Brownie #2 21. 2 units: Kodak Brownie No.0 Model A. One near mint other for parts. 22. Zenith Marksman 120: Metal box camera 23. Brownie No2 Model D 24. B-2 Cadet 25. Ansco Panda (plastic) 26. Vintage photographic equipment includes various sizes of paper, hard rubber trays, dark room lights, chem packs, ferro plate (new), and more... 28. Luxor Photo Timer in box. 29. 3 tripods 30. misc flash units

thanks for looking.

-- Bob Andersen (daffyslanding@yahoo.com), October 12, 2004

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