I am not sure where to start trying to write a research paper.

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I want to address how Choice Theory can work in the classroom since this research paper must apply to education. Any suggestions.

-- Cynthia Castile (harris-cynthia@sbcglobal.net), October 13, 2004


Glasser's own book "The Quality School, Managing Students without coercion" would give you a good start. Dr. Larry Palmatier has compiled a book called "Crisis Counseling for a Quality School Community" that has some chapters that would be particularly helpful for you, including an introductory chapter by Glasser himself. "Quality is the key, Stories from Huntington Woods School" by Sally Ludwig and Kaye Mentley, describes the growth and development of a Glssser Quality School.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigo.ie), October 14, 2004.

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