I found a scholarship for children of disabled parents!!!

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I have tried to put this on as many other posts as possible but I want everyone to see this that needs to.

I just received amazing news! I found someone who would sponsor a scholarship and I thought I would let you all know. Through the Looking Glass, an organization in California has started a scholarship for children of disabled parents. If you want, feel free to pass this information on. http://lookingglass.org/news/scholar.php I hope this helps. Thank you. Have a wonderful week and good luck! ~Rebecca Volzer

-- Anonymous, November 17, 2004


Hello, My name is Jacqueline Morrison, who a the mother of a 36yrs old daughter, Darlene Morrison-Payne (Disablity) with CP, also has a daugther named Cecelia who is 9yrs old.

I writing you because Darlene is have a very hard time convencient the Georgia State Agencies that she is need of child care and some family counseling. Darlene is currently attending a Master's Degree Program at AIU. She is receiving a monthly disablity of 761.00 monthly. Now cannot hardly leave the house due to support of child care.

Please e-mail with some solution. 770-964-7757

Thanking you advance for your assistance in this matter

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2004

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