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I have a McClelland Barclay cigarette box in gold. It is inscribed with his signature and has the number 7 and an offset 1 below it. The cover has an acorn on it. Would anybody be able to tell me what this reference refers to? Does anybody know if this box is gold plate of gold tone? It's quite heavy so it would have to be plate or some other light goldish material--perhaps brass, but it looks more like gold. A magnet will not stick to the metal. I've been having problems finding information about this item--is it rare? Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a pic of the object: Thank you. D. Ricci

-- diana ricci (, November 20, 2004


I know the box you have. It was made about 1930 and is of pot metal with a gold metallic wash which my grandfather worked with Mcclelland on. I am in the process of writing a book on Mcclelland and would appreciate a photo; I could not open the photo you have included in your posting. I might be able to value it for you if you send me a photo, thank you: \

Jack Maraffi 2766 edgehill ave. Riverdale, NY 10463

-- john Maraffi (, December 15, 2004.

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