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Hey I didn't know this site was still open! Thanks a bunch Doreen!

Well it's almost the end of November and soon the end of the year. Winter is at our doorstep here in S.E. IL. I rekon it's time for it but I still don't like the ''gloom and doom'' of those cold dreary days. I'd much rather have warm sunshiny days but ---.

Not much new happen'n around the homestead other than the normal. About to finish the cabin we're abuildin on a bluff on our farm. Still workin on the genset too. I've kinda ''grasshoppered'' the summer away and never finished the genset for winter. Hope we don't lose power!!

What have ya'll been doin this fall/winter to sustain until warm weather? oldhoot. Matt. 24:44

-- oldhoot (oldhoot@fbconnect.net), November 27, 2004


I've been making nest boxes for all the rabbits so they don't freeze in the winter and trying to figure out exactly where to put my greenhouse so it receives the best sun and obstructs the veiw the least.

Mostly we've been trying to finish winter preps and the addition so that the baby can move out of our room.

david hurt his back badly and is going to have to have surgery, so things are going to become extremely interesting aound here very quickly. God has different plans than we do a lot of the time!

-- Dreen (bisquit@here.com), November 30, 2004.

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