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My grandfather was Willie James Shoe who married Ethel Mae Bost, his parents were Travis Isaac Shoe and Lula Lee Wiseman. I'm trying to find Travis Isaac Shoe's parents. If anyone has any info that would help me shine some light on this mystery I would greatly appreciate it. They lived around the Cabarrus County area of NC. Thank you. Debra Harrington

-- Debra Jane Harrington (, November 28, 2004


Debra, How about some dates on some of the people you mentioned? Without that, it's not easy to look for them.

One suggestion I would like to make: Look for a marriage record in the counties you think they were in. After 1867, North Carolina included the parents names on the marriage license. Maybe you can find information this way. I was very lucky by doing this. I wrote to the appropriate county office and requested marriage for my grandfather and grandmother and got a copy of their license. Lina Boyd, Dover, Arkansas

-- Lina Boyd (, December 08, 2004.

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