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Well the genset is now awaitin me to mount the alternator head on the big plate steel. A 3kw Onan that the little 6hp "screamin meemin" died on last year. It's big nuff to run my whole homestead so figger'd might as well use it. Had a machineshop to cut off the crankshaft, machine a keyway in it and install a new bearing.

An old oil field 8" shive mounted to a shaft on a plate steel thats bolted to the flywheel of a 6 cyl Chevy motor. A 3" shiv on the alternator should be good to go at about 1200 to 1500 rpm on the engine. The Alternator has to turn at 3600 rpm to make the required voltage an amperage.

More info as we corn-tinue with this little project. oldhoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhoot (, December 07, 2004

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