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I am the General Manager at KAUG radio at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. I have heard about your festival and was checking out your website and this is something I want help be involved in.

Origianlly, I was going to suggest that you check out the bands Black Water VooDoo Club and Pleasure Pause. These are two excellent bands that would be a great addition to any line up. They are from Minnesota and still unknown, it would be a great benefit to the festival and to support local music.

If you are still looking to put together a line up I would be interested in helping. I have many connections in Minneapolis and the metro area.

Please email or call 320-267-9607

-- Erik Jon Helgeson (, January 29, 2005


Hi Erik,

Thanks for the suggestions and the offer. I'll pass the info along to the people who take care of that end of things. As to working on that part of the festival, those chores are taken care of by the people who own and operate the festival (who have a lot of experience, stretching back into the 1970s, dealing with concerts, festivals, bands, staying tuned-in to what's happening in MusicWorld, etc), and we (in the employment office) don't hire people to work in any of the "festival organization" areas.

But, as of right now, we have at least a couple hundred other jobs open for this year's 10KLF. More mundane than dealing with all that goes into booking, scheduling and coordinating the bands of course, but we've got 'em if you want one... Just go to and following the trail.

-- Bill (, February 01, 2005.

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