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I'm am hoping someone can give me the list of children of Mary Ann Burris (daughter of Solomon and Judith Burris) wife of Charles McKinley Honeycutt. Thank you.

-- Debra Jane Harrington (, February 01, 2005


Here is what I found in the Stanly Co. census records on C. M. and Mary Ann HUNEYCUTT.

1860 Dwelling 965-80 HONEYCUTT, C. M. 30, Mary Ann 25, Ellen 5, Evy 4

1870 Big Lick Township Dwelling 14 HUNEYCUTT, C. M. 40, M. A. 36, Ellen 15, Eva L. 11, C. M. 7, E. G. 5 (last two are males)

1880 Almond District Dwelling 156 HUNEYCUTT, Kin 50, Mary 47, Lucy 20, Adam 19, Charles 17, Ephram 15, J. L. 6 (Wonder where Adam was in 1870 or did they just fail to list him?) I almost didn't find them because of his name.

Marriages from Stanly Co. NC HONEYCUTT, A. E. 20 son of C. M. and Ann to Lucinda BURRIS 23 daughter of John and Sarah on 20 Feb 1881 by N. M. Clark, Minister Book II page 72

HUNEYCUTT, C. M. 20 son of C. M. and Maryan to Rockesana BURRIS 21 dau. of Solomon and Juda(deceased) on 26 Oct 1882 by N. M. Clark, Minister II-82

HUNEYCUTT, Ephraim S. 19 son of C. M. and Mary A. (Deceased) to Eavy ALMOND 23 dau. of ___ (deceased) and Dolly on 23 Nov 1884 by N. M. Clark, Minister II-88. Dolly was the wife of Calvin ALMOND, her maiden name was DOVE.

HUNEYCUTT, Joseph L. 19 son of C. M. and Annie (deceased) to Narnly A. LAMBERT 19 dau. of Wm. and Bettie on 09 Sep 1894 by N. M. Clark, Minister II-140

HUNEYCUTT, Ella 17 dau. of C. M. and Roxie to Travis C. LAMBERT 21 son of John Q and Nisie E. on 31 Aug 1902 by R. G. H. Huneycutt, JP II 192. This C. M. is C. M. Jr. and Roxie BURRIS.

HUNEYCUTT, Eva 32 dau. of C. M. Sr. and Mary Ann(deceased) to Wm. A. McCLURE 32 son of Henry (deceased) and Eliz. on 30 Jul 1893 by Wm. E. Furr, JP II-134

HUNEYCUTT, C. M. 53 son of John (deceased) and Silvy to Sarah A. EFIRD 42 dau. of Lloyd and Polly HATHCOCK on 30 Oct 1883 by R. A. Almond, JP II-84

1850 Stanly CO. NC census Dwelling 660-63 HONEYCUTT, John 47, Sylva 32, Charles M. 20, John F. 18, Asberry 13, Ephraigm 11, Eben N. 8, Sylva 6, Maria 4, Levi P. 2 BURRIS, Mary Ann 17. Wonder why Mary Ann was living with them in 1850? Could she be related to either John or Sylva HONEYCUTT? It was very common for cousins to marry. Do you think that C. M. and Mary Ann are cousins?

I also wondered where you found that she was the daughter of Solomon and Judith BURRIS? Why would one of her sons marry an Aunt? Or is this not the right Solomon and Judith? The older one that I know about was much too old to have her as a child. This Judith was alive in 1850 and age 85. So I don't think she had a daughter in 1837. The other Juda BURRIS who married Solomon(Roxie's parents) didn't get married until sometime in the mid 1850s according to the age of children in the census.

-- Lina Boyd (, February 08, 2005.

Sorry, I got Mary Ann BURRIS' birth year wrong. It was 1833 no 1837.

-- Lina Boyd (, February 08, 2005.

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