James and Mary Smith (circa 1800) Stanly Co.

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Can anyone help me find more info about James Smith in Stanly Co. born around 1800 who married a Mary and had 10 or 11 kids with her including a son named George C. -my lineage. I'd like to know who Mary is and if anyone can trace this line back further. ANy other info about their descendents is nice as well.

-- Jessi Clarkson (funkfactory@carolina.rr.com), February 03, 2005


I have a James Smith, born about 1800, wife Mary. I descend from their son George and wife Louisa Jane Ramsey. If this is your line, and would like to exchange information, please contact me at mphyllisg@aol.com

-- Phyllis Galliher (mphyllisg@aol.com), February 14, 2005.

Looks like Phyllis has found George C's true parents. Based on what you've told me, Phyllis, I now believe that the parents of George C are actually NOT James and Mary but perhaps he belongs to this family listed below instead. Now I have a whole bunch of questions. Looks like this George F. SMITH family might be the family I was originally looking for. Can anyone shed any light on this SMITH family -perhaps still related to the family of James and Mary SMITH or other Smiths in the area?

Phyllis gave me info on a will left by George F. Smith of Stanly Co in 1868, probate date: Aug 20, 1870

George F. Smith -father unknown -mother

sons: Whitman H. Smith -executor of will Willington D. Smith George C. Smith -executor of will

daughters: Nancy F. Freeman -deceased by 1870 Nancy's sons: Henry Smith and Edmund Smith -not sure why their names are listed as "Smiths" if Nancy married a Freeman. Then A.C. Freeman shows up in the will -is he Nancy's husband or another Freeman relative? Aranna Smith Ann Eliza Parker


My George C. Smith was born around 1827 and married Winifred/Wincy (also listed as Nancy) Jane SIBLEY. Her mother was probably a Nancy as well. They had some kids including Eben (my great great grandfather).

If you are from this SMITH family branch, or have any information pertaining to the SIBLEYS or to this family, please do help! I'll be working on this for the next year or so. I'd love to complete a book for my own family members.

-- Jessi Clarkson (funkfactory@carolina.rr.com), February 15, 2005.

I am currently posting my ancestry finds on a webpage -still in the works.... http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/l/a/Jessi-Clarkson/index.html

If anyone has info on my SMITHS or even other Stanly co. families like the FESPERMANS, WHITLEYS, FRYS, HAMILTONS, and the illustrious MORTONS, I'd love to hear from you!

-- jessi clarkson (jessi.clarkson@gmail.com), February 15, 2005.

I believe I have found George F. Smith's wife -Priscilla HARRIS. Her family seems to be from Montgomery County and also Virginia. George F. seems to have been a fairly well-to-do guy based on his will and slave ownership records. I'm wondering wher he might have gotten his money -from his father, whoever he is or his wife who also may have been from money.

-- jessi clarkson (funkfactory@carolina.rr.com), February 17, 2005.

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