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My female goat had twins this morning and they were both dead when I got to the barn to feed. I am not sure when she had them, I wasn't sure she was pregnant. I have never bread an animal in my life. Need any helpful hints and advice. We have Momma Goat a 2yr old nubian and her buck almost a year old and another buck the is a year old and a horse. They all live in the horses stall in the barn. We did not get the goats to bread, we got them to keep the weeds down on our 2 acre property. Now that they are breeding, I need to seek advice. The doe has what looks like the placenta hang out also. What do I do with that? Will it come out on it's own?

-- Sheri Mullineaux (, February 04, 2005


Usually it will come out on its own. If you don't want the goats to breed (and trust me, the critters breed like rabbits!), you might want to consider having your bucks castrated. How old are the bucks?

-- Anna Cole (, February 06, 2005.

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