Ora 600 error: Unable to create database with default 8k db block size with 2 GB (4*512) RAM

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We have supplied HP Proliant ML350G4 Server and installed Windows2000 server with service pack 4 and oracle 8i(8.1.5). The configuration is Xeon 3.06Ghz Dual processor/4*512MB advanced ECC DDR RAM/4*72GB Hot swap Ultra320 10kRPM HDD. No RAID controller.

Machine has all latest BIOS versions.

The oracle installation was completed, but when creating the database with a default block size of 8192Kbytes it is giving error. The error message is (ORA-00600: Internal error code arguments {SKGMINVALID}, [7], [2], [6], [0], 0,0,0,

We tried the option are given below:

1.. When creating the database with 2GB RAM (4*512MB) with reduced block size of 4096Kbytes instead of default block size (8192 Kbytes) database gets created successfully. 2.. When we reduce the memory size from 2GB to 1GB(2*512MB) with default block size (8192kbytes) database created successfully.

NOTE: We have tried with another identical server with same configuration the same problem occurs.

-- Mathew Chacko (mathew@precisionit.co.in), February 11, 2005

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