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I am looking for a time-line on the beginnings of psychology to include how we moved from the supernatural to the scientific.

-- Eric Brooks (, February 12, 2005


You can find a timeline of the history of psychology at

Like others of its genre, it necessarily oversimplifies, especially theoretical points, forcing gradual and complicated developments into a single sentence attached to a single year.

For instance, it says: "1020 - Avicenna suggests that the three ventricles of the brain perform five distinct cognitives processes: common sense, imagination, cogitation, estimation and memory." Actually, Avicenna was only one point in a very complex story that spans over a couple of millennia. For a fuller version, see:

Green, C. D. (2003). Where did the ventricular localization of mental faculties come from? Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 39, 131-142


-- Christopher Green (, February 12, 2005.

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