porcelain table top, blue and white pattern of squirrels

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I have a porcelain/enamel topped table with four wooden chairs, painted white. I'm trying to find it's value. I've been following your web site questions since 2001. No one has mentioned a blue/white patterned table with squirrels that have long tufted fur on their ears. Any information about this one? It was made in the midwest. Chicago or Indiana. Marybeth.

-- marybeth amenta (mbethamenta@aol.com), February 18, 2005


Hi is this a table you are looking to sell or are you just trying to get info on it . I am trying to find such a table and havent had much luck where I live in locating one. If you are going to sell and are close to massachusetts let me know . thanks linda

-- linda updyke (updyke@comcast.net), March 14, 2005.

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