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We have a 1 year old full-blooded Maremma livestock guard dog originally from Italy. She was raised as a pup in the barn with her working Mom & Dad and came to us at 3 months old after some initial training on her farm with the goats. We plan to breed her this Spring to Simba our handsome Anatolian Shepherd male who will turn one year old in March. Simba was born on a working sheep farm and was trained by his working parents on the sheep before he came home to our farm last Summer. These pups will be magnificent guardians/companions for your herd. The both have amazing instincts, are very loyal to the herd and very protective against outsiders. Blanca (female Maremma) sleeps in the barn with the goats, assists in kid deliveries and goes out each day with the does for their daily grazing activities. She will not fail to bark and bring them back to the barn if she smells or hears anything that alerts her. Simba (Anatolian male) takes a more protective role. He sleeps outside the barn always facing away from the herd to keep an eye on things. When the herd is taken out during the day, he finds a hill where he can sit and overlook Blanca and the herd and keeps his eye on everything from a higher vantage point. He also will not hesitate to bark and bring everyone in to the barn shuld anything suspicious happen. If this is a successful breeding, we would expect to have puppies born in early Fall of this year. If you have an interest in further details or wish to reserve a pup, feel free to email us for more information or pictures of our dogs. We are located in Kingsbury, TX halfway between Austin & San Antonio. Our farm is situated between Interstate 10 and Interstate 35 so it's very convenient from either side.

-- Lee Ann Trelles (, February 24, 2005

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