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I am excited to announce my first one woman show "Better Homes & Icons: Polaroid Transfers by Heather Oelklaus" at the Phototroph gallery in Colorado Springs. Check out my show at the gallery's website

Also, I just put my website up that has more of my work including night photography, lightning photography, sx-70 manipulation, polaroid emulsion transfers, and b/w photography.

-- Heather Oelklaus (, March 06, 2005


Excellent work, Heather! Being in my early 50s and having grown up with the stereotypes in magazines and on TV, I especially like and understand your Polaroid transfers about the role and image of women. I LOVE "Just one minute young lady." Made me laugh because you speak the truth! Not sure if that was your intended response, but I can't stop laughing at that image. It's perfect! Good luck with the show. Linda

-- Linda Cardella (, March 06, 2005.

Thank you so much Linda. Yes, feel free to laugh, that's what it is all about. That piece is one of my favorite for the show, it sums it all up. The opening was a great success, so many women came up to me and said that I hit the nail on the head.

-- Heather Oelklaus (, March 07, 2005.

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