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If we are hired to work at 10,000 Lakes, do we receive a free ticket? And if we don't find out if we get hired until June 1st, can we buy a ticket now and then get a refund if we get a ticket by getting hired? THank you for you time and your respose ( hopefully ) :) -Chere- P.S. how old do you have to be to work at 10,000 Lakes Festival? Do you have to be 18? I will be 18 at the time of the festival, but I am not right now, my birthday is June 25th, 1987.

-- Chere Suzette Bergeron (, March 11, 2005


Yup... Anyone who's hired gets a concerts pass, and anyone who lives 50 miles or more from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota gets a camping pass. And you should hear from us in plenty of time to know whether you'll be able to work or need to buy tickets. We don't have a refund policy like that (a little too complicated to manage from the ticketing and accounting point of view), but we'll be calling people beginning sometime in late May/early June. We call people (for phone interviews), in the order that we get their applications, and seeing as how yours came in today (March 11th which means you're an early bird), you'll be one of the first 100 people we call. So that should give you plenty of "lead-time," should the job thing not work out.

The basic rule of thumb is 18 years old, so you should be okay. That's the short answer. There's more "in-depth" expanation in the thread titled "Question on Age (Nicki Anderson, 2004-06-01" (third from the bottom on the "New Questions" list).


-- Bill (, March 11, 2005.

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