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Hi All:

I'm looking for an art deco chair I was told is called "The Speed Chair". It was featured in a printed ad think it was some audio product. It was black and silver or gray. I was also told the original desing was in a museum. Think it was desing by an American architect.



-- Hector Alvarez (hi8ha@bellsouth.net), March 12, 2005


Hi Hector.

I don't rcognize the name 'speed chair' but you might be thinking of kem Weber's Airline Chair, designed on the eve of WWII, which is now in a lot of museums as an icon of classic Modern design.

I vaguely recall a series of ads a few decades back--back in the days before Rolling Stone was made over as a glossy--where a guy in a low- slung armchair had his long hair & clothes blasted backwards by the incredible sonic power of his massive steroeo speakers. I don't rememeber the brand--so much for the power of advertising--but it was a clever campaign, and the aerodynamic lines of Weber's Airline Chair would have perfect for the ad's message. Was it the actual chair in the ad? I don't remember. But if it wasn't, it should have been. Either way, you should be able to pull up a picture of the chair with a search on Google.



-- MAGNAVERDE (magnaverde@aol.com), March 12, 2005.

Thanks for your response MAGNAVERDE. That is not the chair, it is not even similar. Guess that part of my problem would be that I don't know the proper lingo when it comes to design, art deco/nouveau, decoration, etc. Go to this website: http://www.decodame.com/decofurniture/fadcc17.htm. It is similar to this one, however this is a french design. The arms were black and the remaining of the body was either gray or silver, I'm assuming it was leather. The one I saw was a reproduction, not the original.



-- Hector Alvarez (hi8ha@bellsouth.net), March 13, 2005.

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